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About us

In 1980 INURBAN started its business activity in Yecla (Murcia), where its headquarters are located. Throughout more than forty years of experience in the real estate and construction sector, it has established itself as a prestigious company in its sector, expanding geographically and adapting to the new challenges and needs that the market demands at all times.

Industrial, commercial and residential building are the hallmarks of Inurban, which has become a benchmark in the development and construction of industrial spaces, commercial premises and centres, logistics platforms, office buildings and high quality residential buildings.

Currently Inurban, in addition to being a company specialising in the development, construction and marketing of industrial warehouses, commercial premises and shopping centres, logistics platforms, office buildings and housing, has diversified its activities and has become an investment group, giving rise to new companies that cover fields such as neurorehabilitation, business centres and coworking spaces, investment and help for entrepreneurs through the "Startban" portal...

Inurban belongs to the Tenepa Group, an organisation that bases its success on the professionalism and solidity of its different companies as an articulating and operating principle. Backed by the experience, resources and rigour of a business group, we are a company adapted to the needs of the market, which has learned from experience and has received the necessary support from the companies belonging to the group, facilitating and speeding up the development of our projects.

INURBAN focuses its industrial and commercial projects on the creation of new spaces and services for the promotion, creation and start-up of new business activities, as well as the consolidation of existing ones.


Our maxim as a company is to develop serious, viable and quality projects that represent a good investment opportunity and profitability for the future client, and for us as a company, the satisfaction of a job well done. For this reason we select the best professionals, optimising our processes and contributing to the socio-economic development of the places where we are present.


To be a national benchmark company in the construction and real estate sector, recognised for the quality, design and innovation of our projects, oriented towards customer satisfaction, committed to the environment, making this possible thanks to the work of our team.


Social commitment
Orientación al cliente
Quality and design
Working capacity
Energy efficiency and savings
Environmental friendliness
Development of our staff

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