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Residential developments

Housing, an ever-expanding market, has allowed Inurban to demonstrate its capacity to promote the construction of properties covering the whole range of typologies, qualities and dimensions, from the most conventional to the highest level of housing, equipped with the latest technologies, the most complete community services and infrastructures, and all the comforts that make housing the best option for enjoying life.

We study the demands of our clients in order to offer them a property that meets their expectations, maintaining direct contact with them.

We take care of all aspects, from construction to design, to obtain a solid and welcoming home. The end result is developments that stand out for their excellent location, construction quality and design.

Residencial "Jardines de Olimpo" desde un drone
Residencial Cabomayor en Alicante
Infografía 3D de la Fase 2 de Residencial "Los Álamos" en San Juan de Alicante
Residencial de chalets de obra nueva en San Juan de Alicante

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