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Coworking and coliving spaces

Coworking is a way of working that allows professionals from different companies to share the same office or workspace, where collaboration and synergy between companies, working in a communal and multidisciplinary space, and networking are encouraged.

Promotion of coworking spaces

At Inurban we develop shared workspaces prepared with all the necessary means to start a business activity. Spaces designed for independent professionals, freelancers, freelance entrepreneurs, micro-companies in different sectors, etc.

Promotion of buildings for coliving

Coliving is an extension or evolution of coworking in the housing market, which provides spaces for residents, generally like-minded professionals, who in addition to sharing a workplace, share a house where they can continue to exchange experiences, both work and life.

El valor añadido que ofrecen estos espacios es clave: utilizan tecnología de vanguardia para mejorar la calidad de vida y la experiencia de los usuarios de estos edificios, que además se conectan y crean una comunidad.

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