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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainable development

We see sustainability as a factor that leads to positive economic, environmental and social results for our business, our customers, the companies linked to our group and the world in general. Therefore, we are committed to being an exemplary company in those places where we are present, reducing our environmental impact as much as possible and boosting economic activities in them. We are committed to the certification of new buildings such as LEED® or BREEAM®, which promote the development of buildings based on sustainable and highly efficient criteria.
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Presentación de la incitiva Startban en la sala de conferencias en las oficinas centrales de Inurban
At Inurban, we are committed to society. We sponsor cultural, sporting and charity events, and we organise conferences and courses given by professionals from different sectors in our offices to ensure that employees and companies linked to our group have the best preparation for the development of their work. We also have agreements with important companies and entities to provide our clients with a wide range of solutions to their needs.
Nuestra labor ha sido reconocida habiendo recibido gran variedad de premios. Todo ello gracias al buen hacer de nuestra empresa, al empeño de nuestros trabajadores y a la labor desempeñada por nuestro presidente D. Francisco Muñoz.

Committed to the environment

Placas solares instaladas en la cubierta de Inurban
With the installation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof of our offices in 2022, we started using 100% renewable energy, which allows us to save the total consumption of the company and avoid the emission of 33.08 tons of C02 into the atmosphere, equivalent to :
Trees planted each year

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