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Famosa Logistics Platform Alicante


It is a logistics centre that allows the multinational toy manufacturer to increased efficiency and reduces the cost of shipping parcels and improves delivery times, which is a much-needed benefit in a sector with extremely high and clearly marked production peaks throughout the year. The construction of this new logistics platform reduces the cost of shipping parcels and improves delivery times, which means a significant improvement in the supply chain major increase in competitiveness on the market.

In addition, electronic home automation systems have been installed which allow simple regulation of parameters such as lighting and air pressure inside the building, making it easier to maintain the centre.

The Famosa Group's logistics centre consists of more than 20,000 m² built on a 28,000 m² plot of land in the Polígono de «Las Atalayas» in Alicante, next to the company's headquarters. Likewise, these facilities have the capacity to store more than 23,000 pallets, which is equivalent to 40,000m³.

The logistics centre is strategically located very close to the airport area and the port of Alicante.

The logistics centre's design is as simple as it is striking. The bright red colour of the docks makes the logistics hall stand out from the crowd. In addition, the interior design allows the toy company to be more energy efficient.

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